Secure Document Storage

Safeguard your paper and digital documents using our Secure Document Storage services. Whether your storage needs are for business documents, medical records, real estate transactions or almost any type of paper or electronic document, Full Access Scanning and Storage will safely store your critical records in our secure storage facilities.

secure file storageWe are a HIPAA compliant company and we specialize in providing secure document storage to businesses and government offices throughout the USA. The privacy, protection and safety of your documents are our primary concerns.

We index, bar-code and enter the scanned documents into our Total Recall Management Software.  This gives us the ability to track every carton or document for easy retrieval when needed. If your needs call for the creation of digital documents, we can scan your paper documents using our Document Scanning Services. You will have instant access to scanned documents with our secure online document retrieval system.

If your budget is tight, consider the Scan on Demand service. With Scan on Demand, we index and store your paper documents and create digital copies that you can request online when needed. We will have a digital copy of the document ready for you in about an hour. The digital copy can be e-mailed to you or you can retrieve it through our secure online system.

Whether the requirement is for paper copy document storage or digital copy storage, our HIPAA compliant facilities assure safe and secure storage of your critical information. Only security trained and authorized Full Access Scanning and Storage personnel are allowed to handle your documents. Due to the high level of security in our facilities, no visitors are ever allowed and your documents are protected by our state-of-the-art systems.

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