Medical Records Scanning and Storage

There are very specific legal requirements when it comes to maintaining government compliance for almost anything related to patient records, whether your business is a small clinic, medical office or hospital. HIPAA establishes stringent legal requirements for privacy, security, safe storage and final destruction of all patient medical records. Full Access Scanning and Storage is fully HIPAA compliant. We meet all the legal requirements for medical records scanning and storage.

Patient chart scanning and secure storage are the most common medical industry services we provide. Our company vehicles will pick up your patient charts and medical records, index and digitally scan the pages, and then store the paper originals in our secure facilities. Our methods assure your compliance with HIPAA.

All of your patient’s medical records can be converted to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). To assure compliance with HIPAA, only trained Full Access Scanning and Storage personnel have access to patients’ personal information. After the paper copies are scanned, we can deliver digital copies to you or provide secure access to the electronic copies via our secure online access system.

We can manage all of your medical records scanning and storage requirements regardless of the volume. Our state-of-the-art systems will process and convert all of your records with full legal compliance.

We also offer document destruction services as defined by HIPAA. At the end of a prescribed retention period, all Protected Health Information (PHI) will be destroyed in accordance with HIPAA rules for secure and total destruction of patient information. When PHI documents reach the end of their retention period, you will be notified prior to their destruction. Documents will then be destroyed using shredding, incineration or pulverization. We can also provided recycling services through a bonded recycling company, if you prefer that method. A Certificate of Destruction will be obtained as legal proof.

HIPPA, Red Flags, FACTA Compliant
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