Real Estate Records Storage and Scanning

Commercial or residential real estate business, as well as mortgage houses and related financial institutions, must adhere to very specific state regulations for document retention and storage. Real estate brokers are frequently required to archive original copies of all real estate, land purchase and financial contracts and transactions for up to 10 years, regardless of whether the transactions were completed. Full Access Scanning and Storage can manage the archiving of your real estate paperwork and make more space available in your office.

Regardless of whether your real estate office is a small business with a few agents, or a large nationally known franchise, we can manage all of your document storage needs. You can ship your legal documents to one of our locations or in many cases we can pick them up and process the documents at one of our facilities. If your needs are simply for storage of the paper documents, we can do that. If you require digital scanning of all documents, we can provide that as well as easy, secure online access. We can even transfer digital copies of the documents to you if you require local access to the scanned copies.

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our real estate records scanning and storage services.

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