Government Documents Scanning and Storage

Full Access Scanning and Storage offers a range of services customized to the needs of local, city, country, state and Federal government offices. We index, scan and convert all government documents into a digital format that can easily be retrieved through our secure Total Recall Management software. If you prefer, we can transfer the digitized documents to you for integration with internal government computer systems.

We take the hassle out of document scanning by picking the documents up at your location using our company-owned trucks driven by trained and experienced Full Access Scanning and Storage employees. Your documents are secured, under our control at all times, and are never left unattended. When the cartons containing paper copies arrive at our facility, we make sure that all of your cartons are accounted for, and then begin processing and converting the paper documents into digital copies.

Total Recall software tracks the location of your documents at all times, so the originals can be easily retrieved when needed. We can manage all of your digital and hard copy storage needs.

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