Legal & Law Practice Records Scanning and Storage

Office space in law offices can be very expensive. Given the often stringent long-term document retention requirements for legal paperwork, managing these documents can be both expensive and time consuming. Full Access Scanning and Storage can manage all of your law office’s document digital scanning and archiving requirements.

Our state-of-the-art indexing, digital imaging and storage systems can give you peace of mind, while allowing easy access to both original legal documents and digital copies. Once a document is scanned, our Total Recall Management Software allows for secure 24/7 online access to all secured digital copies. We take all of the worry out of your document retention requirements.

We customize our scanning and storage services to meet your needs as well as your state and Federal storage requirements. Just contact one of our customer service representatives to find out how we can show you a better way to manage your documents.

Contact Full Access Scanning and Storage at 1.800.337.9160 to learn more about
our Scan on Demand document scanning service.

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