Document Scanning Services

Do you have a large number of documents that need to be scanned? Full Access Scanning and Storage will scan your documents. Once scanned all of your documents can then be accessed and downloaded online 24/7 or we can deliver them back to you in electronic format for storage at your facility. The paper originals can either be returned to you or stored for safekeeping in our secure document storage facilities. We do it all and we make it easy.

Why waste precious time and personnel resources scanning your critical documents one at a time? We can handle your scanning needs in bulk much more efficiently with our state-of-the-art scanning and storage systems. We index the documents as they are scanned for easy retrieval when the hard copy must be retrieved.


The security, protection and privacy of your documents are our primary concerns.

Here is how our secure document scanning service works.

  1. We pick up your documents at your location. From this point on, your critical documents are never left unattended or out of our control.
  2. Each container is assigned a bar-code and scanned into our Total Recall document management system. This creates a continuous verified audit trail that is used to identify the exact location of your documents at all times while in our possession.
  3. When received at our document scanning facility, each container is scanned to a new location and an inventory of all containers is verified.
  4. The documents are scanned and indexed.
  5. The final disposition of both the paper originals and the digital copies is determined based upon your instructions.

Nothing could be simpler. We manage the entire process, securely, efficiently and based upon your specific requirements.

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