Business Records Scanning and Storage

Businesses large and small have legal requirements for storage of business transactions, employee records, legal contracts, tax records and other forms of business paperwork. Full Access Scanning and Storage can manage the full range of your document scanning and storage requirements.

When we receive your documents, they are processed and indexed for easy retrieval. If scanning is required, the paper copies are scanned into digital files. The original paper copies can either be stored in our secure facilities or returned to you. The same applies to the digital copies. We can transfer them to you for storage on your in-house system or you can have access to them through our secure online document management system.

Save money by freeing up expensive office and warehouse space. Using our state-of-the-art scanning services also saves money because we can do it more efficiently and much less expensively than doing it yourself. Further cost savings are achieved by using our personnel, rather than hiring your own.

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