Why You Should Use Full Access Scanning & Storage


electronic file storageIn today’s fast paced business environment you cannot afford to waste time doing manual tasks. Full Access Scanning and Storage creates secure virtual file cabinets and and adds an Internet file service that you can access quickly, securely and efficiently from wherever you are located.

The Full Access Scanning Solution

  • Retrieve all your Files, Records and Documents 24/7
  • Online Data Storage
  • Document Scanning Services
  • Document Imaging Solutions
  • Internet File Service
  • Free Up Valuable Office Space
  • Worldwide Access 24/7
  • Reduce Identity Thief Liability
  • HIPPA, FACTA, Red Flag Compliant
  • Multiple Scanning  Formats

Eliminate Document Storage Problems

  • Hot, Dirty Storage Rooms & Boxes
  • Cluttered Office Space
  • Spending Hours Searching for Files
  • Paying Top Dollar for Office Space
  • Spending Time Making Copies


  • Stop Wasting Costly Staff Time Searching for Documents & Files
  • No Longer Pay for Class A Office Space to Store Boxes
  • Eliminate Office Clutter
  • Improve Customer Service & Satisfaction


  • Convert All your Records into a Digital File Cabinet
  • Bar Code Inventory Management System for Complete Audit Trail
  • 24/7 Document Retrieval from your Desktop
  • Search, Review, Upload, EMAIL
  • Online Document Storage
  • Document Scanning Services
  • Document Imaging Solutions
  • Print all Scanned Documents
  • All Documents Stored in a Professionally Managed Secured Storage Facility


  • All Vehicles are GPS Equipped for Constant Document/Records Tracking
  • FACTA, HIPPA, OSHA Compliant
  • 24/7 Manages Firewall, Full 128 Bit Data Encryption
  • Full Off-Site Daily Backups
  • Fire, Flood, Hurricanes, Tornados are No Longer a Concern

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