Document Destruction Services

Some types of legal documents must be preserved almost indefinitely, while others have a defined retention period when they are no longer needed and at that point should be destroyed in a safe and secure manner. All Protected Health Information as defined by HIPAA should be completely destroyed when the legal retention period is reached, as are many types of legal documents that have exceeded their usefulness.

Full Access Scanning and Storage offers HIPAA compliant document destruction services that assure the safety and privacy of personal, legal or otherwise sensitive information, as well as its complete destruction.

  1. Only authorized and trained document security professionals manage the storage of your documents. Access is on a “need to know” basis.
  2. When a defined retention period is reached for a carton of documents, you will be informed of the intent to destroy the documents prior to their destruction.
  3. All documents are destroyed at our location using a professional document destruction company. The methods may include shredding, incineration, pulverizing and use of a bonded recycling company.
  4. A log is kept and you are provided with a Certificate of Destruction to verify that the documents have been properly destroyed. The Certificate of Destruction will include the names of the witnesses as well as the method of destruction.

When you need to assure that certain types of documents are destroyed completely to satisfy a legal requirement or to make sure that the documents are never misused, contact one of our customer service representative to find out how we can meet your requirements.

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