Selecting Electronic Medical Records Companies

Selecting a qualified professional electronic medical records management company is more complex than simply picking the first company found online. Questions need to be asked to assure that specific requirements are met. Here are some questions to ask and tips for selecting the best company to meet the needs of your medical facility.

Is the electronic medical records company HIPAA complaint?
HIPAA lays out specific rules for the proper handling, security, privacy and storage of patient and medical records. A HIPAA compliant data center is required in order to meet the privacy and security rules. In order to be HIPAA compliant, the data center must be physically secure, the network must be technically secure with backup power and redundant security systems, the staff must be trained in HIPAA requirements, and the access to data restricted to only those who absolutely need access.

Will the the EMR company pick up the paper records at your location?
The secure transfer of physical records from your facility to the electronic medical records company’s scanning facility should be a primary concern. The company should have their own vehicles, with drivers trained in the proper handling techniques for the secure transport of medical records. Shipping medical records through standard trucking companies is never a good idea because those drivers are not trained to properly secure your sensitive healthcare information.

Will they index the records for easy retrieval?
A professional EMR scanning company will index each of the records and provide you with detailed information to assure easy access and prompt retrieval of the proper records when the information is needed.

Will they provide secure online access to scanned records?
Secure online access is a fundamental requirement for HIPAA compliance. Make sure that the companies you consider can provide immediate and secure access to your health records when you need them.

Will they provide you with the scanned digital copies if you do not want the medical records online?
Some medical facilities do not want their patient records to be placed online. A full service EMR scanning company will provide you with digital copies of all EMR information if you require it.

Will they store the paper copies in a secure, state-of-the-art storage facility?
Storing paper copies in an office takes up valuable space and is rarely secure. Professional electronic medical records companies should offer secure records storage in HIPAA compliant storage facilities.

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