What are Electronic Medical Records?

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR), which is also called an Electronic Health Record (EHR), is a computerized history of a patient’s doctor visits and health history. Electronic Medical Records can consist of data entered directly into a physician’s computer system, but also contains scanned copies of paper documents, such as patient’s charts, prescriptions, test results and other health-related documents.

Digitizing paper copies saves vast amounts of storage space, and proper indexing and integration makes it much easier for doctors to locate a complete patient history. This both improves the efficiency of a physician’s office, but also reduces the need to personnel normally required to locate paper records. A fully integrated EMR system is much more efficient than a paper-based system, yet less than half of all hospitals in the USA have a fully integrated system.

Whether you work in a small physician’s office or a large hospital, building an efficient system requires the scanning of large numbers of patient history records. That is where a professional document scanning and storage company can provide a substantial benefit. After digitizing your patient records, the digital copies can be stored with an online document storage service, or they can be integrated into your office and hospital computer systems.

EMRs also allow physicians to easily transfer patient records in the case of an emergency. In the past, paper records had to be gathered and copies sent through a fax machine. Many important documents were frequently lost or not included with fax. EMRs make it easy to send the complete, unified health records for a patient securely with a few clicks of a mouse button. The complete history may include digitized copies of x-rays, CAT scans and other critically important health data.

The goal with an Electronic Medical Records system is to tie together all of a patient’s health history and have it available when needed. The process starts with the proper EMR computer software and digital copies of all patient records. We can help you to achieve your EMR goals by scanning either your patient histories or current date using our HIPAA compliant systems and processes.

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